Thursday, December 13, 2007

Todays movement

Feel like I am moving house, but all we are really doing is re-labeling boxes and moving them around the storeroom.

Have had some fab sales ideas, starting from january we will have one type of yarn on special sale offer each month, don't know how long it will last. I guess until we forget to do it or we run out of wool.
You will have to wait and see what januarys special will be - :-)

And talking about wool I have a nice new batch to dye next week, can't remember what I ordered but know its DK, could be 15 kilos, could be 20 or even 30!

Have made Heidi to promise not to let me dye so much green and blue next week, but I do get carried away by the magic indigo vat.
Todays featured movers are

MAIA Spun Silk

MIRAGE - Merino/Tencel DK

Oh and I almost forgot - I almost have a kitchen ceiling - yipeeeeeeee

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