Tuesday, October 31, 2006

work in progress

The dye room, as yet only one side is useable, the hooks for the wool are all on the unusable side - must remember to bring my wellies down.

My dye baths look pathetically small in such a huge space, however one day I will have 9!

The packing and winding area, Val has gone home for the day and Daisy is at college...

The showroom/design studio, I found the knitting machine when packing to come here, now all I have to do is remember how to use it, its perfect for our sock yarns.

The showroom/Design studio from the other side, still waiting for some pigeon holes to put all the wool, as have run out of baskets.

Last of all the store room with resident puppy, notice the dog bed and stairgate, which will be used when we have visitors. I know some people are scared of dogs, but have no fear they will both be firmly shut in the store room, unless of course you would like to meet them.

Still waiting for the drying frame outside, Phil has all the materials, just rather inconvienient that he has a job and can't get it built till the weekend.

We are in!!!!!!!!

We are in - what more can I say?
This is my second full day, for the first time I am here on my own, of course I have the 2 dogs, but I hadn't realise how huge it is...
Come and see us (me)
Just phone - 01394 411500
or e-mail - dyestudio@hotmail.com
Will post some photos when I have changed the mordant bath.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nearly finished

We are so close, just waiting for the electrician to do some work and we will be in!!!!
Maybe as soon as next week, in the mean time, here are some of the almost finished photos

Showroom/Design studio - Phil putting up the design boards and what was our garden table, but is now mine.....

Showroom/Design studio - looking out through the front door.

Kitchen - looks a lot better, the big red blob on the floor was me using up the floor paint left on the brush, its so expensive I hate to waste it.

Office - looking through to the storeroom

Dye room - where all the rubbish seems to end up, we aquired a fridge freezer -why I don't know and now it needs a new home.

Phil & Francis have a tea break and look at our new grass!! Its even growing under the tree, but then so are the sting nettles.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Have been decorating for weeks and have got to the stage where the tiredness is no longer noticeable.
I took loads of photos of the nearly finished farm over the weekend, so what am I going to update my blog with??????
Yup - animals or to be precise my animals.

Bad Billy - the Maine Coon, asleep in the area of my house formally known as the dining room, but now as stock room or alternatively packing room.

A really bad photo of Ted and Loki at the bottom of the stairs - as you can tell by Ted's body language he has had enough of puppies and having his ears bitten.

Loki - this morning in the office which was once my lounge, note the umbrella swift behind his back, one of the few things he hasn't eaten!!