Friday, January 26, 2007

Kool Aid Gripe

I keep seeing yarn dyed with Kool aid and hearing how great it is!!
I have been told by someone who dyes with it, that it is perfectly harmless and they compared it to natural dyes.....
This makes my blood boil!
Kool Aid is a synthetic drink powder which contains no fruit extract, wikipedia has more facts.
Its a sachet of coloured chemicals and NOT a natural dye!
If it dyes wool such bright permanent colours what does it do to your insides when you drink it???

Thursday, January 25, 2007

And you think you are having a bad day!!!!!!!!!

Poor tiny puppy had the "chop" yesterday.
Not only did he have his manhood removed, he also woke up to discover that he was wearing a satellite dish.
He will be wearing it for 10 days until his wound has healed.........
Being a clingy german shepard means I am going to have very bruised legs for the next 10 days!
Have just taken delivery of some gorgeous silk yarns.
If they dye and knit up nicely and the price isn't too exorbitant then you will be seeing them on the site soon.
Fingers crossed as some are just too yummy for words.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tiny Puppy

Now 6 months old and due to have the chop on wednesday.
And our compost bin.


I have a moat!!!!!!
That's my front door you can see.
Its not even for my benefit, my lovely new neighbours don't have a loo, so the builder/handyman/jack of all trades (including calf midwifery) and his stepson are building them one, the main drain happens to be on the other side of my building so they need to bury the drainage pipe across my front door.
Which is fine, except due to the gales the builder/handyman/jack of all trades and his stepson have been called to somewhere else on the estate to repair broken roofs.
if you decide to come and see us - don't forget about the moat - I am hoping for a drawbridge, but so far.....

How else would you carry 12 kilos of wool?

When you don't have a drying room and the wool around the ties is still damp and the skeins need to go home to be finished off on the radiators.
Thank goodness we only have to walk a short way up the lane where rush hour consists of 2 cars and a tractor!
Probably the best photo taken of me in years......

But not of poor Dais who says she looks scary - well she can be at times!