Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cold, bored, too much to do.......

I am FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting at the computer with my little oil radiator, but having to leave the storeroom door open otherwise I have to listen to hysterical puppy, who is now the same size as Ted and only 5 months.

Good news - tra la la la la
BT obviously looked at my complaints file and managed to re-connect me on saturday rather than tomorrow, in a way I like working at home, in the warm on the comfy sofa, hot cups of tea with milk! (forgot the milk this morning am having to drink black tea, as I am too lazy to stagger up the lane to get milk).
Have finished Blackthorpe Barns for another year, can't wait for the lie-in on saturday, but can't stay in bed too long as I have some visitors to the farm.

Have got so much paper work to do, am planning workshops and a knitting club, need to do flyer's and stuff, have got plans for the girls to plaster suffolk coastal with sandlings knitting club leaflets, while I sit here and mastermind the plan and freeze to death.

Bought our first farm christmas tree, have decorated it very badly, more of splatted it with beads, need to go in search of tiny decorations.

Am knitting a big BFL slub extra long cardi, I like long cardi's, they cover a multitude of sins, only knitted about 5 inches so far, might go and sit in the showroom under the sofa throw I am crocheting (you can see it behind the tree in the photo) and knit another 5 inches of cardi before the ebay auctions end. I want you all to buy lots of the slub as its my favorite and I only get the left overs and am running out, cardi might never make it to 10 inches.....

Daisy has a new boyfriend, who I think she might be bringing home to night, but I wasn't listening too closely so it might not be tonight. Think Homer is going to leave work early and go and see Feppy's exhibition at uni, talking to her last night sounded like she hadn't hung it, didn't have a space and wasn't even sure she would be able to find one.
Poor Homer has such faith and high hopes, sometimes refuses to accept we have bred a self contained state of chaos, hopefully she will get it together and he can be proud dad.
I feel mean not going but will be working until about 7pm, which would be to late to go.

Am panicking about my girls and all their Friends due to the serial killer in Ipswich, its only 17 miles away and they are in and out all the time - college, cinema, pubs etc You only need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time......
And those poor mothers who have lost their girls already, I can't begin to imagine how devastating it must be.
And the girls still out on the street, if only we looked out for them in the way they deserve instead of being arrested and abused the whole time, they wouldn't be there if there wasn't a demand. I don't understand why we don't have licensed brothels......

Monday, December 04, 2006

Not again...............

Am totally exhausted, 2 weekends at Blackthorpe barns = early rise on saturday and sunday and no lie-ins.
Had to go to Homers company christmas do on saturday, so we stayed at the hotel where it was held so I could have a glass or 2 of wine.
Didn't go home until sunday night, Val and Daisy holding the business fort between them.
And what do you think happened during the gales that hit the country saturday night????????
Yes - thats right a tree fell on my BT phone line, so I am without internet access and phone at the farm.
The nice BT man arrived at the farm this morning to survey the damage and was met by 4 hysterical excited women who thought he had come to re-connect us, which he hadn't so we carried on being headless chickens..
He said tomorrow - so fingers crossed.