Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Moors Farm

Just a quick note to any one who is reading this......
We are now officially tenents, whooooooooooooooooo
Oh my god I have to start paying rent and then theres the electricity and water and rates and......................

The dye studio's new address is
Old Stables
Moors Farm
School Lane
IP12 3RF
and we will be open for visiting customers as soon as we are in and settled!

It feels so good (and scary) to be saying this!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Loki update

Loki at 9 weeks
He is such a sweetheart....
And as much as I would love to cuddle and play with him all day, I have to be his alpaha and teach him to be a well balanced member of the pack. So far so good, at just over 10 weeks he knows "no", his name, "sit" and "down". "Heel" is proving a little more difficult, as he thinks chewing my fingers for the tiny piece of ham is more fun than "heel". I am determined to get him walking to heel before his first walk in just over a week, as he is going to be a giant dog I can't let him pull on the lead. He loves training and has already learnt its training time after the ebay auctions have finished for the day. When I finish printing sales slips and turn the computer off he's at my feet smiling, try to herd me into the kitchen for his piece of training ham.
I feel a bit mean ignoring him when he meets me at the door, but he doesn't jump which is the main thing and is learning that when I am ready I will call him for a cuddle.
Loki and his toys,
He doesn't have real dog toys as Ted would get jealous and they don't last very long. The blue spade is an especially favorite.
Note the blue plant pot, there was a asparagus fern in it, but Loki turned it over and ate the plant. He is also obsessed about the pond, he has been in it 3 times, the last time he couldn't get out and had to be rescued, since then he has been very careful not to fall in.
If you look carefully at his tail half way up you can see he is growing a proper German Shepard tail. And his legs have grown about an inch since we have had him, Brian my vet thinks he is going to be enormous - more reason to train him to be well behaved.

Decorating - day 1

This morning we started decorating the show room, I expected a huge difference in the light, but I guess its the first coat.....

The first stroke!!

Val hovering spiders

The difference an hour makes!

The graffiti is all gone, Val and Daisy painted the store room while I stripped paint off the walls in the office.

It feels lovely to be there, so tranquil, no computer, no phone, no dye vats......

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Loki & Wool

Loki eyeing up some nice un-dyed alpaca/merino sock wool.

So far he has tried eating 1 ball , which I didn't notice until he squeaked and then I realised I had puppy/alpaca/silk sock wool spaggetti and 1 small wound skein which he dropped as soon as I told him to.
He is learning so quickly and I am proud to announce he now knows "sit", "no" and his name.
I am hopeing this is a good sign and I know we have a long way to go, but at 9 weeks its not bad.

Phones & Plumbing

I thought I would share these photos of the inside of the farm, until now I have held back as it is a total mess, but as we are getting close to moving I thought it would be nice to record them for posterity.

The show room, where we will entertain all our customer/visitors

We have phone number for the farm, but no phone or connection.
We will be connected on the 2nd of october, had better buy a phone by then.

We are still haveing plumbing traumas, no one knows where the drains go to and as it was a prison property there don't seem to be plans. The prison seems to have made it up as they went along,
I counted 8 drain covers in our small piece of garden, you would think we would be able to work out which went where......

Fred modeling the dye room door, it has since been finished. This is also pre-windows.

We still have drain pipe problems and when it rains the doorway leaks.

Our delightful kitchen area. The hand sink has now been replaced with a kitchen sink and draining board, but apart from that it still looks much the same.

Gum Infection

Have had toothache for about 3 weeks now!!
Am really fed up.
Still last week it turned into a gum infection, which was agony!
Antibiotics have just about worked..............