Thursday, July 05, 2007


I am back, have been since monday, still totally exhausted and nowthink I'm getting a cold.
Well the Woolfest was very cold and wet, especially if you sleep in a tent, thank goodness Vicky had bought me a pair of crocs for my birthday, they really are perfect for the english summer.

If any of you get the chance to go next year we will (hopefully) see you there.I met lots and lots of lovely people, (if you were one of them please excuse me for not mentioning names, as I said still very tired and now snotty too).

I got interviewed by Simply Knitting and had about a 400 hour photoshoot, as the photographer couldn't get a good smileing shot - well its not my fault I am fat and 40 and hate having my photo taken!!
Also discovered the site was mentioned in Simply Knittings website page, its a fantastic write up!

Now have lots of people asking for wholesale rates, so you never know our yarn might find its way into a shop near you.

Left the stall in the capable hand of (DD) Daisy and her lovely boyfriend Craig, who have both just finished a performing arts course and are major drama queens, both also totally dyslexic and number blind.
Bad move you may think, BUT they make a fabulous double act, charmed the customers and managed to not make any major financial mistakes.
They are both promising to come and help man the stall at Ally Pally, he from his dance degree in Winchester and she from her creative writing degree in Liverpool, I hope they do, but we will see.....
Craig got his photo taken by a badger lady who put him on her blog, notice he is wearing one of our mercury hats.

Met lots of sheep, have decided I want a Herdwick as they are so pretty, I don't think the wool is very soft, but they are so pretty...
And lets face it it would be a pet and would have to have company,maybe a Blue Faced Leicester who are not very pretty and too common to be at the Woolfest and maybe a mohair goat and and and....
The Mohair goats looked remarkably like Ted Bad Poodle when we haven't got around to cutting his fur for a couple of months, of course he is brown and doesn't have horns, but they even had the same expression of resigned misery with the world, I guess they don't eat live rabbits and sleep on the sofa when you are not looking.

Also met the Alpacas and angora rabbits, both totally bizarre animals.

Has anyone else met a angora rabbit? very difficult to tell head from tail! DH has a much better photo on his phone, you can see its little pink nose which gives the whole game away. I'd be much more amused if these were eating my dye plants at the farm, at least if we caught some they would be useful.

Met my supplier (at last), went for drinks with him and his girlfreind, DH had to walk back down to Cockermouth the next morning to collect the car!
For some reason he thought it would be ok to drive at 5am, I didn't even realise he had gone until half awake I heard the car come back, didn't realise he hadn't come back into the tent until 7 am, when I found him parked neatly and fast asleep, said he was warm and dry, which is more than I can say for the tent.

And also met and talked to some of my competitors, I have never done this before, all the shows we have ever done in the past have been very bitchy affairs, lots of spying and hiding of exhibitor name tags.
It was such a breath of fresh air, everywhere genuine smiles and freindly like minded people.

Still probably have much to tell, but no time, have to go and do the post, which is Daisy's job, however she and Craig are still away, last heard from in Oban, where apparently they went skinny dipping - told you they were both mad!!
Hopefully they have enough money to make it home...