Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back now....

But not for long, next years diary is very full
A show in Paris, Wonderwool, the Woolfest, Fibrefest and then back to Ally Pally next year with a bigger stand and more tea cosies...
Guess I don't get a dyeing rest afterall!

It was fantastic to meet so many of you, I really enjoy the shows, means I get to leave the farm and talk to real life people rather than the wool.

Tea cosies were such a huge hit I am opening a shop attached to the website, can't wait to unveil some of the new designs, now have huge list of test knitting volunters which is fantastic as am designing like mad

The showroom looks like a tip, some of the remaining stock still hasn't been unpacked.
Need to get back to the chaos - where do I start?
Maybe I could make my life easier and find a nice job where weekends and holidays happen or maybe I should carry on doing what I love and forget that I work a 12 hour 7 day week.