Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Sale

Now £5.99, reduced from £8.50
If this sells as quickly as the Ariel did it will be gone by the end of the week - :-)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Still trying to find order in the post show chaos, I never take enough photos, always have best intentions, but forget my camera after about 5 mins.
I love shows, you always meet such interesting people and old friends, the show was great although a little quiet on sunday.
Can wait for the Woolfest.
Lovely B & B, fantastic restaurant where we ate 2 nights in a row with very good woolly freinds and talked wool at each other until our ears bled.
You can never have too many sheep photos, these were taken for H.
Stand set up, 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some people seem to manage it in a couple of hours but dear Phil is a perfectionist!

And the result, meant to take an after shot as well, but too tired to focus at that time.


As promised - :-)

More about Wonderwool when I get a few spare moments away from ravelry.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cotton Samples

I have just recieved my cotton samples - they are fantastic, far better than I had hoped.
There are 3 that I would like to use, 2 organic cotton blends and 1 pure unbleached organic cotton.
I would tell you more details but that would be spoiling the suprise - :-)
I need to test dye them, think the unbleached is going to be really interesting - a whole new set of colours attainable.
Am sooooooooo excited - :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

And Billy finally..................

I can only find this one, there is a photo of him somewhere looking very posh and snotty. i don't think he was very old in this, probably pre his car squashing incident.

Quiet random thoughts

Its very quiet here at the moment, finished dyeing the trillion billion kilos of wool, would photograph the last few kilos drying outside, but is too cold.

H and I trying to put the stand together, and label (well H is) and do the on-line stuff and pack the big orders.
Don't think our parcel tape is very strong so have resorted to duck tape (is that its real name?). So now have taped everything in sight, one big box gone another to go on monday, a few days rest at the show then more huge boxes to send, must get more duck tape.

have a dying bee on the window sill, do we put it outside in case its hungry or as H says do we keep it inside so it can die in the warm?
Didn't realise bees were so fluffy, makes me want to cuddle it and love it and make it better.

H bought the NDS Barry, she found him in a charity shop, unloved and battery-less.

Poor Barry - did you know all sheep are called either Barry or Bob, well all the sheep at NDS are so called anyway - apart from Bracken, but as she is only a photo thats allowed. Had planned to go and see her at the lambing weekend, but will be in Wales at Wonderwool. Aparently last year she gave birth to twins midway through the day, but we were on holiday in the zoom, the shepardess offer me her fleece ( and the rest of the flocks fleece), but as she/they are hebridean I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Barry in situ over our stunning NDS kitchen area, notice the cunning placement of duck tape on the pipe next to the wool.

And the pigeon is still there!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stupid Blogger!

Somehow I am having problems adding text to the photos (hence another post)

The top 3 photos are Dazzle DK
And the second 3 Chi Merino/Bambo

Plus more new colours

Ebay shop

Just in case you were wondering where the ebay shop has gone -I have closed it.
Having 2 shops was a night mare for stock control etc
I have moved all the stock into our website shop, so you will find new colours that weren't there a few days ago.
We will still be running the ebay auctions and now have a much better colour selection to choose from.
If you want to go and do some new colour searching....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Shop update

And new to the shop this week....

Newslettery thing.

I am being a useless at the moment with the blog.

Sent out our monthly newsletter to our mailing list yesterday.
Here are the relevant points with a few extra photos, just in case you are not on the list.

April Sale
Our April sale yarn is
Belle - Blue faced Leicester Chunky Slub
Reduced from £9.99 to £7.50

Bessies Blanket Club
We would like to announce the re-opening of Bessies Blanket Club.
The club is running in a slightly different format, 2 whole 100 gm skeins instead of the original one.
I am also working on several new Bessie designs which will only be available to club members to begin with.
Our Bessie Club has its own very active Ravelry group where members share stash and in progress photos.
Well worth a read if you are thinking of joining

We are off to Wales at the end of the month to our first show of the season. Phil and I are really looking forward to meeting many of you.
I love show season, getting to go lovely places, meet lots of lovely people and in my case talk far too much!
If you bring a copy of this e-mail we can offer you 10%. We are offering a discount to Ravelry members, but I am afraid we can only give a total of 10% on each sale.

We have had several requests recently for un-dyed yarn, so now have a small selection in the shop.
It will only ever be in limited amounts, so if you would like some its best to buy while its there.

Alpaca/Silk Sock
Alpaca/merino Sock
NINO - Merino
Alpaca/Merino DK
Alpaca/Silk DK

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The worlds most stupid cat - very long and boring if you are not interested in cats.

Don't you just love cats???

(Bad Billy photo will find a better one on the laptop later,
this was taken about 3 years ago when the dye studio still lived in my house)

Billy woke me up at 6.30 yowling, I thought he must have caught some poor little fluffy thing and was announcing his triumphant return, but the more I woke the closer I could hear him, so I looked out of the bedroom (2nd floor) window. Billy was wedged into the honeysuckle just below the window.

Windows and doors only have one purpose for Billy, to make you constantly let him in, then out, then in, then out etc etc etc.

He obviously decided the window was open so he would go out and forgot or was just too stupid to realise he was on the top floor of the house.

Billy is a giant Maine Coon weighs over a stone, so the poor honeysuckle was bending badly, managed to wake up Fred to come and rescue him, imagining fire engines and ladders would be involved, but Fred being practical threw a shoe at him (I only thought they did that in films), amazingly Billy managed to get out of the honeysuckle quite easily after that

And was then yowling to be let in - stupid cat why didn't he do that in the first place instead of wajking me up??
Phil wanted a Maine Coon for his 40th, he had read they were very intelligent and could be trained, maybe they are but not Billy.

At the age of 18 months he ran into the side of Phil's moving car and broke his jaw in 4 places, nice expensive trip to the vets (thank god for cat insurance!).

He made a full recovery and it didn't affect his beauty, although he does have a wonky smile and snores badly.

Billy can't jump from one work surface to another, nearly always misses, have watched him slide down the front of the fridge many times - :-)

Billy also finds it difficult to run through a door, walking is fine, but his judgement goes when he runs and again the times I have watched him run into a door are endless.

And he is such a bad bully, my poor Baby Erik is chased and sat on as often as Billy can get away with not being shouted at.

Baby Erik is a Norwegian Forest Cat and my 40th birthday present, he is so called as he sleeps in my arms like a baby, is not stupid, is very clever and the most bizarre cat I have ever met, but he is a whole new story.