Friday, February 29, 2008

Knitting Group - 4/3/08

Our dye Studio Knitting group is meeting here at the farm on tuesday (4/3/08) night.

To quote one of our members we are meeting for cake, tea and gossip - there will also be a small amount of knitting done - :-)

March Yarn Sale

The Natural Dye Studio’s March Sale Special is ARIEL - Lace weight pure silk flamme, gorgeous for shawls.
On special offer at £2.99 ($6), normal price £4.50 ($9)

The answer to guess

Version 2 - still a bit hazy, but by now you should get the idea......

Version 3 - still not quite right, but looking good.
I have revised the design since this and now one of my lovely sock club ladies and my official sock guru is knitting the possibly final last version. If it works out the chart will be available to buy in the near future.
Am now working on a new design, but have a bit of a cold and so its not going to plan!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guess what

Guess what???
If it helps Heidi took one look at it and was right.
It is a fairisle sock design, needs a bit of revision and recalculation as fairisle pulls the stitches close together, therefore meaning you need more stitches....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dazzle labels

I am so proud of our new Dazzle labels, we have been licensed by the wool marketing board and all our Dazzle now comes with its own certificate.
And you get a glossy photo of sheep, the BFL's are not awfully blessed in the looks department, but they make up for it in the quality of their wool.

Winter sun

My photograph a day resolution like all good new year resolution made it through the first month and slide into oblivion.

I decided there are only so many photos you can take in the dark winter, so here is my back garden, the dip in the trees behind the silver birch is a view of the sea.
Not very visable due to the winters sun.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Open day's 2008

I was going to post about something else as well as the open days, but my already damaged brain has been full of cunning plans and has forgotten


We are planning an open weekend, here are the details, which amazingly enough have already appeared in several threads on ravelry!

"The Dye Studio is small and will only hold 30 - 40 people maximum, we would hate for you to all be squashed in like sardines, so have had to limit numbers per day.
The tickets are free, but I am afraid I can’t remove the postage charge from this listing, instead if you book you will get a £5 voucher to spend on the day in the studio shop.

Amanda will be doing dyeing demonstrations and talking about what she does best all day, we hopefully be able to get a spinner to come and spin. We would love you to bring your knitting, share projects and stories. And of course meet up with fellow ravelers. We will have free tea, coffee and biscuits, but would like you to make a donation to the Suffolk Widlife Trust as we sponsor a Hebridean sheep called Bracken.
We are difficult to get to without a car, but as there are only a few trains to Woodbridge each day, hopefully you should be able to do a taxi share. The drive through the forest is well worth the fare.
If you want to make a weekend of it and visit Sutton Hoo, Orford Castle, the forest and beach, we do have a list of B&B’s, hotels and campsites - please mail us for details."


I know I am being rubbish about the blog, am having an intense Ravelry session, which is lasting longer than I thought.
Lots of ideas, which I am blurting out, I know Heidi would like me to stop as all I am doing is making tons of work for her - well at least she won't get bored - :-)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

4/2/08 - Gargoyle

I like outside sculpture, slightly evil sculpture and bought the gargoyle last winter. He or they are a reproduction of a gargoyle from Norwich Cathedral, wish I could afford more....

3/2/08 - Cow Girls

As heavy snow was forecast the cow girls came in from the field. Two mummy's and one of last years babies. They have had the bull in the field this winter, so hopefully we will have some new babies soon.

2/2/08 - Serpent

We went to see our very dear friends Matt and Carmen on saturday night. Matt is a full time artist and used to make garden sculptures, our serpent is one of them.
Carmen is almost a sister and spent a year or so almost living with us when our babies were tiny, she had a very bad relationship break-up and as she is Dutch was a long way from home and became part of the family.
Now she has Matt and their daughter Fleur, we don't see them often enough, but when we do its always lovely.

Friday, February 01, 2008

1/2/08 - Fierce Bad German Shepard

Designing new wool labels can be so exhausting.......

31/1/08 - Christmas Birds

Heidi and I had a bird each as christmas decorations, somehow they didn't get put away with the other decorations. Laziness tells me they will still be here in december, in which case do we buy another 2 or be happy with the ones we have still got?