Friday, May 22, 2009

Update 22/5/09

I was having a rubbish week, fighting with my office PC and internet connection. It spent the whole of monday turning itself off every 2 minutes and then taking 5 to reboot, as you can imagine the air was very blue.
But yesterday my new pretties arrived and I have forgiven the PC even though its not well. And at least the dyeing went well and produced some lovely colours.

So here is the update that nearly didn't happen, and as you can see I now have some little charms so you can make your own stitch markers - :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Eventually an update

Well at last I have re-surfaced both from Wonderwool and wholesale.
Fantastic to meet so many of you we had an amazing show - :-)

So here's the shop update...
You might notice something a little different.

We are now stocking beads and buttons.

Our £1 sale basket at the show was so sucessful that I have decided to have a £1 basket as a permenant feature and have also added it to the website.
Each pack is £1, the postage is £1.45 but you don't pay anything extra for more packs. So you could buy 10 and still only pay £1.45 postage.
And you can find it all here