Friday, December 28, 2007

Heidi's Engagement!

Although we are obviously saddened by Amanda's bad news, the dye studio did also have some good news over the Christmas period.
On Christmas afternoon my partner Stuart asked me to marry him. This was entirely unexpected and was the most romantic, understated and perfect way I could have been asked. Upon unwrapping my present I found it to be a sapphire and diamond engagement ring. It is gorgeous. At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, I wanted to share this great news with the dye studio community and thank Stuart for making this Christmas the most special and happy Christmas I have ever had.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Mother - The end

My mother died tonight.
I am sad, but more worried about my father.
He is a very strong and independant man, but tonight will be difficult for him, when we left him he was being very english and talking about cars he would like to own.
I hope he manages to sleep.
I know you will never read this dad, but I love you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Gherkin 3

Have become a little obsessed with bloody gherkins.
If you suspect I have gone totally mad have a look for yourself.

One more on the needles, then I am going to tackle the mohican again.
Now going home with maisy Mae, we need to drop by the post office to see if we can buy stamps to post our christmas cards with - as per usual totally on the ball.
will be back on thursday, however am taking the lap top home, so may be on-line before if my family lets me.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My beautiful baby girls

Both at home for christmas, both making a mess and a lot of noise.
Its lovely to have them here and will miss them both when they go back to their respective uni's.


Saturdays cosy is a mohican suggested by the lovely Heidi.

Its not right and think I will make another one.

Baby Eric

We went to see the Golden Compass on thursday, I liked it, but felt there was something missing, didn't like the fact that most of it was shot in a studio. The snow scenes should have been in real snow.
Anyway ever since I read the books as they came out I have thought of Baby Eric as my daemon.
He is called Baby Eric as sometimes I wake up with him in my arms like a baby and he is big enough to be a real baby. When he is at home he is glued to me, we have long conversations and I love him.
But Baby Eric is a Norwegian Forest Cat and in the summer goes walkabout, this year he was gone for 5 months I was sure he was dead and couldn't even say his name without crying. Then one day in september I came to work and he was sitting by the gate waiting for me.
We think he spends the summer in the forest.
We did have a theory that he went to visit the travellers, but met a couple a few nights ago, they said they had never seen him.
I am certain he will go again next year and really hope that one day he will decide to stay at home, but know that day is a long time away.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Gherkin 2

I am sooooooooo pleased with this gherkin, am planning 2 more, but taller. I wonder how tall I can take it until it goes all floppy at the top.
My christmas plan is a cosy a day, which is achievable as I am so rubbish at all the household stuff, am only allowed to touch the dishwasher with supervision, I am allowed to use the washing machine, the hoover is a big mystery and as I tend to burn rather than cook (too easily distracted) dear homer prefers to do it.
Heidi, Dais and I started the dreaded stock check at last, but were soon interupted by Feppy and then a bit later by my aunt. My brain turned to mush and the stock check is finished but haven't uploaded the figures so will all be out of date by tomorrow, but only by a day so I should be able to work it out.
Tiny puppy and I are off home to knit cosies, play final fantasy, eat fish and chips and eventually pick up homer from Felixstowe from his business drinks session.
Last time I had to pick him up he had disappeared, thought he would have a stroll on the beach and didn't tell me, so I sat in my cold car waiting.
Turns out not only did he have a stroll but also a kebab and was too drunk to remember me, thank goodness he didn't decide to have a swim - the North Sea is freezing at the time of year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

daisy's note to the public

here I sit writing next to a very efficent heidi. Last time I was here she was about to leave and three months down the road the natural dye studio sapped her in like quicksand. Maybe that metaphor wasn't so relevant as quicksand leads to death, to put your nerves at rest dear readers heidi is still alive and well.

To be back home is like a sweet and distant memory. The farm still as freezing as it has always been, the people still yokels and the air as fresh as cold water. Liverpools tangy air has wafted into my nostrils again and I feel the vibe of the night life crawling in my veins. To drink and dance is to be a student. To spend and laugh is to be drunk. It all leads to one thing in this whirling pool of events and parties that is called...growing up.

I may not be coping too well to begin with but I asure myself next semester will be better. Hopefully! I would like to say it is a pleasure to work and what better place than here, if only I could work here but in liverpool while finishing my course on how to creatively write things woulod be perfect.

This blog holds no exciting or informative infomation and that is on the pure fact that I just sat at the computer and wrote what was rolling in my head, I tried to tell a wee bit of a story but ended up just rambling arse.

To just finish this rant I will say - ta ra for now and don't matress dive down stairs without the matress, (it f* hurts).

yours faithfully miss daisy mae (full of bullocks) perkins

Tit Cosy

Both girls home and think I have have gone deaf, it lovely to be a family again, but I had forgotten that we are all so big and loud.

And finished another cosy, thanks to the girls and their digital cameras I can share it with the world, it wasn't supposed to look like this, but...

Craig thinks I need to knit it a bra!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Over the weekend I had 3 e-mails from different magazines wanting photos for articles they are writing about us.
Don't understand why I have to take the photos, stupid camera is playing up, the sky is muddy and the farm dark and damp, so any photo I did take would be of murk.
Bet Angelina Jolie doesn't have to take her own photos.....

Daisy and Craig

Some of you know them, some of you don't.
They have an on/off relationship, its on at the moment.
They spent this afternoon with me, (lucky Heidi is off shopping for a few days).
I am exhausted, my eyes hurt, my brain is numb, but its lovely to have her (and him) home for a few weeks.
And as they are uni students with vast drinking capabilities I don't think the booze is going to last until christmas.
There might be a couple of bottles of beer left for Feppy when she comes home tomorrow.
That is if we can find her, she is not answering her phone - again!!
Has obviously lost it - again!, or dropped it in a puddle - again!, or stood on it - again!.
She goes through phones as quickly as her baby sister went through her student loan.
We tried phoning her boyfriend's phone, but no reply - maybe she dropped him in a puddle too

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Have had a very long lie-in,even though I was awake at 8 am suffling various animals from garden to house and back again, have lay in my bed until 10.30 reading my book - feel like a very bad layabout and am now exhausted - lie-ins aren't what they used to be.

Have been thinking about the blog, i was one of those children who wanted to write a diary and always had a new one every year, would get to the beginning of february and then forget for another year.
Blogs are different as you know other people are out there and sometimes read your ramblings, very good for an exhibitionist.
I have always meant to update every day, but doing shows and day to day business mean I forget constantly. Since I have been writing every day I have found it a lot easier to keep writing.
I don't have an exciting life but like writing waffle and its exciting to me. Next year am going to do some serious jet setting , but of course in a middle aged wool way. Off to Paris in march and a series of summer shows and then we were invited to the Dutch stitch and bitch in the autumn, as yet no date, but still exciting.
And who knows in 2009.
Homer seems to think we could do a world tour, think maybe he is living in cuckoo land.

Feppy on tuesday I think, the house will be full and noisy again, forgot how loud Dais is!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Moors farm christmas dinner

Its Moors Farm christmas dinner tonight, so Heidi and I are off home early to put our make-up on, hopefully we will both make it through the night.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Final Fantasy

Homer is going to play with his brother tonight, it will involve him sleeping over as he won't be in a fit state to drive. I apologise in advance to the good people of Halesworth for the pair of them behaving like drunken teenagers, even though both are well over the 40 milestone.

What it really means is Fred and I get a games night, he in his bedroom on-line playing what I have no idea and me on the sofa settling down with final fantasy 10.
I finished 12 a few weeks ago and as 13 isn't comeing out to next year have to start working my way back down the numbers.
I always refused to play 10 in the past as there is far too much video footage and not enough game play, but when you are desperate you have to make do.
10 is awful to play after 12 which was the worlds most perfect playstation game, but 10 hours in am actually beginning to enjoy it.
All this is very sad I know, but I like to give my little boy stories to tell his mates.

Ally Pally was a nightmare, as Fred and his mate were also playing 12 at the time, I had nearly caught them up - not good for their street cred, but fantastic for mine.
I knew they would be putting gaming hours in to beat me to the end, as it was they didn't and I spent Feppys 21st in Islington talking to some of her grown up-mates about the FF12 and the fact they were playing and I was miles ahead of them - even more street cred for me - :-)

Home time now - off to warm up the playstation, hopefully one of us will surface long enough to get the pizza out of the freezer - please don't tell Homer, he strongly disaproves of junk food. But he has forgotten the obsession he used to have making Lara Croft jump around and crawl down tunnels.

Todays movement

Feel like I am moving house, but all we are really doing is re-labeling boxes and moving them around the storeroom.

Have had some fab sales ideas, starting from january we will have one type of yarn on special sale offer each month, don't know how long it will last. I guess until we forget to do it or we run out of wool.
You will have to wait and see what januarys special will be - :-)

And talking about wool I have a nice new batch to dye next week, can't remember what I ordered but know its DK, could be 15 kilos, could be 20 or even 30!

Have made Heidi to promise not to let me dye so much green and blue next week, but I do get carried away by the magic indigo vat.
Todays featured movers are

MAIA Spun Silk

MIRAGE - Merino/Tencel DK

Oh and I almost forgot - I almost have a kitchen ceiling - yipeeeeeeee

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Have had another gushing stream of wool through the office today.

Heidi and I make a superfast listing team, maybe we should take it up proffesionally - :-)

Gushed and gone forever from ebay are..........

SAGA BFL/Merino Aran

Mohair Loop

BFL Aran

Ariel Lace weight Silk Flamme

The 2 ebay shops seem so empty, but the new site shop looks fantastic, could spend hours looking at the pretty pictures - I am easily pleased - :-)

Off home now to see what the delightful Homer has cooked tonight, yesterdays salady type thing was guacamole which was 50% raw garlic - poor Heidi - I had to eat mints (and biscuits) all day.

And apparently I now have a kitchen ceiling, has only be missing for a couple of years, when it used to be my kitchen and not his.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merino chunky loop & baby alapca/merino

Heidi and I have spent all day surrounded by boxes of lovely cuddly wool, at one point it was difficult to see her through the boxes in the office
Ebay has been stripped of my chunky and now most it is in the shop, I want to keep all of both of these, I love chunky best of all as its so quick to knit. The baby alapca/merino is soooooooooo soft and I just love the colours, seemed to have had a bit of a green/blue moment.

I love the merino too, lovely Gina who came to the open day was knitting socks on 2 circular needles. I decided I could knit socks on 2 circulars, so saturday night I sat swearing at Homer (who by that time had serious man flu and wasn't any help) as all I seemed to come up with was needle spaghettti. But have mastered it now and knitting merino chunky socks as a tester. I accidently lost skeins of these 3, last seen close to my bag so maybe am getting the sock bug afterall..............

Luckily the rest of the stock made it to the shop, but you never know what may disappear over the weeks to come, if things get bad.

Possibly the best christmas wreath in the world

Monday, December 10, 2007

ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 3 days the shop is back.
Thank god!
Am not happy with ekm, when I phoned they knew who I was and obviously blamed it all on me, must be the middle aged woman syndrome again.
Talked to condescending boy who of course talked down to me.
Of course I am past my prime and usefulness to the world and being a 18 year old boy he knows so much more than I do.
Just wish they were all like my 17.5 year boy, I know I am his mummmmmmy but he doesn't treat people that way and he is such a sweetheart, according to his college lecturer is so laid back he is horizontal
Am going to set the big bad stroppy Homer on them, except he is snot boy (man flu) and is probably too weak to move, never mind fingers crossed he has cooked tea or otherwise its frozen pizza again - yummmm

And the trip to homebase was ok, maybe even good.
Homer let me buy a fluffy glitter door wreath and the best christmas cards in the world.
The glitter is pink and feathery with little sparkling lights, am going to take the camera home so I can put a photo on the blog - :-)
The cards will have to wait until we have sent them, but as a clue they are the least christmasy christmas thing I have ever seen - if you have been to homebase you may have seen them and thought why?
Think they were made especially for me and are very very special.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


So stroppy about the shop I forgot about the open day.

Had a great time, lots of lovely visitors and I did some dyeing, glad I put my wellies on.
We had a wool sale and will move some of it to our new shop when the bloody thing is working again.
Homer and Heidi did tea making, entertaining and till management, I did queen of the dye room.

Will probably have another one in the summer between shows and advertise properly.

Now off to increase my ebay fees and then a lovely trip to homebase - I hate shopping but homer is insistent, not sure what he thinks we are buying, but to keep him happy I have to look at drill bits!

Website shop - so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are trying to get to the website shop don't bother until tomorrow.
Lovely ekm service providers failed to tell me their domain name was going to be disabled.
I didn't know until some of my sock girls e-mailed me.
After a long of stroppy e-mails managed to get the stupid boy in customer services to tell me the problem.
So now have a new domain name which will go live tonight or tomorrow.
You would not believe how angry I am!!!!!!!!
I am not really an angry leave that to Homer, who gets hysterical about breadcrumbs on the work surface, you would think after 23 years he would have got used to my mess and mess of our 3 grown up kids. And they are messy!
Feppy has always had a snail trail of paint and glue following her, even managed to get tea on the landing ceiling and covered the lounge carpet in wax - I have never asked how she did it as I really don't want to know...

Any way EKM is going to get "old cow from hell" on the phone tomorrow morning.
And a huge Thank You to my yahoo group for telling me about the problem, without them I would never have known - I am so grateful.
The new domain name is
and if it isn't live by tomorrow morning I will have an extra angry in my arsenal

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Open Day

Open day today, trying to make up my mind whether I should have advertised anywhere else except for the site.
Haven't done as the building isn't big enough for 100's, but maybe Phil, Heidi and I will have to eat all the cake...................

Friday, December 07, 2007

Not so lyrical

The cow girls came in from the field last week, its nice having them to talk to over the winter, even though they do make a lot of noise.

I was going to put a photo on the blog as they are so pretty, BUT they got moved back to the field this morning, was obviously a quick visit, I guess they will be back later to have their babies or if there is a threat of snow, so the only evidence I have of them being there is this lovely photo.

Not very impressive I know! But typifies the joy of winter on a farm and the pleasure of rural living - :-)

Although I did take this last week and being a photoshop whizz managed to paste all the photos together. Its the view from the back of the farm (the horizon is the beach).

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bags for life

Being hugely enviromentally friendly (and finding a pile of calico bags during the storeroom tidy) we have decided to dye some bags for Life.

I'd forgotten how frustrating dyeing fabric was, looks fantastic as it comes out of the dyebath, but after it has been through the washing machine, dried and ironed it looses a lot of its phazz azz, also turns out the nicely dyed piece of cotton is in fact very blotchy.

Will see how the bags sell at the open day, before I decided to do more.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Queenies idiot socks

(Heidi says I need some kind of punctuation in the name, can't remember what now, will try and remember to ask her tomorrow)

I promised my idiot socks to so many people at I Knits and have made about 4 pairs, but am so crap at pattern writing,

BUT today the pattern is finally written - yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

and ready to roll, however I spent this afternoon laying on the floor trying to photograph Heidi's feet!

I haven't got the photo right yet, am trying to persuade her that they need to be taken outside, lovely in a cold muddy farmyard....

In response to last weeks down

Am feeling very happy that so many lovely people enjoy my wool.
I know this is going to sound really sad or even a bit pervy, but I love my wool.
I do all the washing after I have dyed it just because I like to handle it, so next time you get coloured hands you know who to blame!

Especially pleased with dear hang-over DH's comments about how much he enjoys housework!
Have it in writing now and next time I get moaned at for being a messy will quote at him - Incidently he is a lot better chef/cook than I am, makes to die for Thai - :-)

So thank you, thank you, thank you - :-)

Mysterious Heidi

If you are curious about Heidi,
here she is
Along with the rest of us, will update my photo soon I promise.
Am allergic to something and now have a beetroot face instead of a purple one.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Scarily obbsesseddddd

Ok - so I have built my new website shop
and have updated, re-vamped the website.
Spent hours on the photos playing on photoshop, trying to get them perfect.
(Which is another long obsessive distraction.)
And now I am so obsessed I can't leave the bloody site stats thingie alone.
I must check them about 20 times a day, keep poking and tweeking.
Am getting to the stage where I have to hide my addiction from Heidi and lie
"no not checking the webstats again, just looking at ravelry" - which is another thing that can suck your life dry.
What would I have done with my life if I didn't have the internet??
(oh and please go and look at my shop,
and photos
and if you must!, buy some of my lovely wool,
because I need new stats to look at)