Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baby Eric

We went to see the Golden Compass on thursday, I liked it, but felt there was something missing, didn't like the fact that most of it was shot in a studio. The snow scenes should have been in real snow.
Anyway ever since I read the books as they came out I have thought of Baby Eric as my daemon.
He is called Baby Eric as sometimes I wake up with him in my arms like a baby and he is big enough to be a real baby. When he is at home he is glued to me, we have long conversations and I love him.
But Baby Eric is a Norwegian Forest Cat and in the summer goes walkabout, this year he was gone for 5 months I was sure he was dead and couldn't even say his name without crying. Then one day in september I came to work and he was sitting by the gate waiting for me.
We think he spends the summer in the forest.
We did have a theory that he went to visit the travellers, but met a couple a few nights ago, they said they had never seen him.
I am certain he will go again next year and really hope that one day he will decide to stay at home, but know that day is a long time away.

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Laughingrat said...

I'm glad he's back. What a scary thing for him to do!