Thursday, December 13, 2007

Final Fantasy

Homer is going to play with his brother tonight, it will involve him sleeping over as he won't be in a fit state to drive. I apologise in advance to the good people of Halesworth for the pair of them behaving like drunken teenagers, even though both are well over the 40 milestone.

What it really means is Fred and I get a games night, he in his bedroom on-line playing what I have no idea and me on the sofa settling down with final fantasy 10.
I finished 12 a few weeks ago and as 13 isn't comeing out to next year have to start working my way back down the numbers.
I always refused to play 10 in the past as there is far too much video footage and not enough game play, but when you are desperate you have to make do.
10 is awful to play after 12 which was the worlds most perfect playstation game, but 10 hours in am actually beginning to enjoy it.
All this is very sad I know, but I like to give my little boy stories to tell his mates.

Ally Pally was a nightmare, as Fred and his mate were also playing 12 at the time, I had nearly caught them up - not good for their street cred, but fantastic for mine.
I knew they would be putting gaming hours in to beat me to the end, as it was they didn't and I spent Feppys 21st in Islington talking to some of her grown up-mates about the FF12 and the fact they were playing and I was miles ahead of them - even more street cred for me - :-)

Home time now - off to warm up the playstation, hopefully one of us will surface long enough to get the pizza out of the freezer - please don't tell Homer, he strongly disaproves of junk food. But he has forgotten the obsession he used to have making Lara Croft jump around and crawl down tunnels.

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