Friday, December 21, 2007

Gherkin 2

I am sooooooooo pleased with this gherkin, am planning 2 more, but taller. I wonder how tall I can take it until it goes all floppy at the top.
My christmas plan is a cosy a day, which is achievable as I am so rubbish at all the household stuff, am only allowed to touch the dishwasher with supervision, I am allowed to use the washing machine, the hoover is a big mystery and as I tend to burn rather than cook (too easily distracted) dear homer prefers to do it.
Heidi, Dais and I started the dreaded stock check at last, but were soon interupted by Feppy and then a bit later by my aunt. My brain turned to mush and the stock check is finished but haven't uploaded the figures so will all be out of date by tomorrow, but only by a day so I should be able to work it out.
Tiny puppy and I are off home to knit cosies, play final fantasy, eat fish and chips and eventually pick up homer from Felixstowe from his business drinks session.
Last time I had to pick him up he had disappeared, thought he would have a stroll on the beach and didn't tell me, so I sat in my cold car waiting.
Turns out not only did he have a stroll but also a kebab and was too drunk to remember me, thank goodness he didn't decide to have a swim - the North Sea is freezing at the time of year.

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