Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shop gripe and invitation

Due to our planning permission for the farm I have been very careful to point out to customers that we don't have a shop.

The reason we weren't allowed a shop was because the council didn't want to encourage cars in rural areas, a bit stupid as tourists and visitors help keep the communities alive by using village shops and pubs.

I have a new neighbour at the farm he has been there since january, lovely man, its a real comfort to know there is someone there if I need them.BUT Steve repairs cars (including mine) and horse boxes, his son-in-law how also works next door valets cars, how is this discouraging cars in rural areas???

SO I would like to invite you all to my shop, I have lots and lots of wool, surina needles, buttons, beads etc

Tea and coffee on tap and a big comfy sofa so if you feel the need you can sit and knit.
You can also have a peek into the dye room.
Bring all your friends and lots and lots of cars.

I will wait to see if the council notice and if they do, vent my stroppiness on them.