Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ipswich Group visit

Last saturday the Ipswich knitting group came to visit me at the farm, I had expected 3 or 4 ladies, but turns out there were hundreds - :-)
It was lovely to fill the farm and have an audience to waffle at.
Sharon took photos, which she has put on her blog, she tells the story much better than me.

Ladies - its was lovely I really enjoyed having you here and please feel free to come back when you have the time.

Tea cosies

Its my birthday and I feel about 922 instead of 44, still 100 kilos of wool to dye and 2 weeks to go.
I am determined to get it all done, but maynot make the Woolfest personally due to exhaustion.

Still on a lighter note i thought I would share what I am doing, I used to be an artist with an artists brain, while working on one piece the next was developing on from it and was always going to be better than the last. Now I am doing it with Tea cosies, not that I ever use one, but they are a perfect canvas to work with, I would like to make hats but no one will ever want to wear what I make, so tea cosies are perfect.

So far I have a basic chunky knitted cosy body, which I started off decorating with crochet silk flowers.

I then moved on to a single flower, which you really need to see from the top.

Then of course the ubiquitous pom pom cosy, not very exciting, but had to be done.

This in turn lead me to the loopy stitch, the effect of which I love, so many possibilities.

And then due to the fact I have bought a trillion wooden beads wholesale, don't know what I will do with them, but love beads.

Have now moved to crochet, think I like crochet better than knitting, only one stitch to drop, stupid me didn't work out the basic cosy first and after starting too small to get it over the pot, I had to pull it down and add some more stitches. Decided to add an extra 10, why I don't know as I only needed an extra inch and with 3 stitches to the inch.....

Well you get the picture! It might look alright, but under the bottom layer of floppy bits its very baggy.

Back to the drawing board, have the next idea in mind, but will work out the basics first - Watch this space.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My lovely holiday pt 2

I have almost forgotten what we did so here is day 2 of my lovely holiday (and a few photos).

Day 2
Germany, Austria, Liestenstein ( obviously spelt wrong) and Switzerland.

Left hotel

Drove through Strasbourg in the rush over, over the Rhine into Germany, I got to drive the autobahn with my little fat foot firmly on the floor, 100 mph in the slow lane, could have spent the rest of my life driving around Germany on the autobahn eating up petrol.

A German service station (told you the photos were exciting!)

Over the top of the Bodensee, through the cherry orchards, if only we were a few weeks later....

Into Austria

A quick supermarket stop for Austria cough syrup, DH decided he had man flu! Through Leicenstein, into Switzerland.

Ended up in Chur for the night, couldn't find a hotel, even though we looked for about an hour, eventually ended up at an Ibis in the McDonalds pyramid, the ground floor was McDonalds, the top of the building a hotel, its on the industial estate on the way out of town, wish I had taken a photo...... Certainly an experience not to be missed


I know I haven't posted for ages, but if you could see how much wool I have to dye you would understand!
184 kilos for the woolfest, I am in a huge panic that I won't get it all done in time.
Seems to be taking ages with no end in sight and only 2 weeks to go.....

If you are going come and see me.