Sunday, June 10, 2007

My lovely holiday pt 2

I have almost forgotten what we did so here is day 2 of my lovely holiday (and a few photos).

Day 2
Germany, Austria, Liestenstein ( obviously spelt wrong) and Switzerland.

Left hotel

Drove through Strasbourg in the rush over, over the Rhine into Germany, I got to drive the autobahn with my little fat foot firmly on the floor, 100 mph in the slow lane, could have spent the rest of my life driving around Germany on the autobahn eating up petrol.

A German service station (told you the photos were exciting!)

Over the top of the Bodensee, through the cherry orchards, if only we were a few weeks later....

Into Austria

A quick supermarket stop for Austria cough syrup, DH decided he had man flu! Through Leicenstein, into Switzerland.

Ended up in Chur for the night, couldn't find a hotel, even though we looked for about an hour, eventually ended up at an Ibis in the McDonalds pyramid, the ground floor was McDonalds, the top of the building a hotel, its on the industial estate on the way out of town, wish I had taken a photo...... Certainly an experience not to be missed

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