Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tea cosies

Its my birthday and I feel about 922 instead of 44, still 100 kilos of wool to dye and 2 weeks to go.
I am determined to get it all done, but maynot make the Woolfest personally due to exhaustion.

Still on a lighter note i thought I would share what I am doing, I used to be an artist with an artists brain, while working on one piece the next was developing on from it and was always going to be better than the last. Now I am doing it with Tea cosies, not that I ever use one, but they are a perfect canvas to work with, I would like to make hats but no one will ever want to wear what I make, so tea cosies are perfect.

So far I have a basic chunky knitted cosy body, which I started off decorating with crochet silk flowers.

I then moved on to a single flower, which you really need to see from the top.

Then of course the ubiquitous pom pom cosy, not very exciting, but had to be done.

This in turn lead me to the loopy stitch, the effect of which I love, so many possibilities.

And then due to the fact I have bought a trillion wooden beads wholesale, don't know what I will do with them, but love beads.

Have now moved to crochet, think I like crochet better than knitting, only one stitch to drop, stupid me didn't work out the basic cosy first and after starting too small to get it over the pot, I had to pull it down and add some more stitches. Decided to add an extra 10, why I don't know as I only needed an extra inch and with 3 stitches to the inch.....

Well you get the picture! It might look alright, but under the bottom layer of floppy bits its very baggy.

Back to the drawing board, have the next idea in mind, but will work out the basics first - Watch this space.

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feppy said...

goodness mummy
the last one is insane!!
hope you had a lovely birthday-sorry i didn't phone i got locked into my own house and it was all abit silly and long to explain really
did you have a lovely day?
i have made you a card and pressy and freds card and daddy vatti day card and a letter but i haven't posted it shockingly enough
miss home like always
but i guess the idea of home is an ever evolving thing as dais will soon not be there also
v v v scared going to start work today and well yeah.scary!
sometimes i wish could just be home and combine london and family to make wonderful world
grass is always greener though-better go practise my script for imminent workage then
hope all family is toodly pip
lublu lots and lots and lots andlots