Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Scarily obbsesseddddd

Ok - so I have built my new website shop
and have updated, re-vamped the website.
Spent hours on the photos playing on photoshop, trying to get them perfect.
(Which is another long obsessive distraction.)
And now I am so obsessed I can't leave the bloody site stats thingie alone.
I must check them about 20 times a day, keep poking and tweeking.
Am getting to the stage where I have to hide my addiction from Heidi and lie
"no not checking the webstats again, just looking at ravelry" - which is another thing that can suck your life dry.
What would I have done with my life if I didn't have the internet??
(oh and please go and look at my shop,
and photos
and if you must!, buy some of my lovely wool,
because I need new stats to look at)

1 comment:

Cazzie said...

I've already been ... and brought ;) Might have to go back again soon though :)