Monday, December 10, 2007

ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 3 days the shop is back.
Thank god!
Am not happy with ekm, when I phoned they knew who I was and obviously blamed it all on me, must be the middle aged woman syndrome again.
Talked to condescending boy who of course talked down to me.
Of course I am past my prime and usefulness to the world and being a 18 year old boy he knows so much more than I do.
Just wish they were all like my 17.5 year boy, I know I am his mummmmmmy but he doesn't treat people that way and he is such a sweetheart, according to his college lecturer is so laid back he is horizontal
Am going to set the big bad stroppy Homer on them, except he is snot boy (man flu) and is probably too weak to move, never mind fingers crossed he has cooked tea or otherwise its frozen pizza again - yummmm

And the trip to homebase was ok, maybe even good.
Homer let me buy a fluffy glitter door wreath and the best christmas cards in the world.
The glitter is pink and feathery with little sparkling lights, am going to take the camera home so I can put a photo on the blog - :-)
The cards will have to wait until we have sent them, but as a clue they are the least christmasy christmas thing I have ever seen - if you have been to homebase you may have seen them and thought why?
Think they were made especially for me and are very very special.

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