Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Have had another gushing stream of wool through the office today.

Heidi and I make a superfast listing team, maybe we should take it up proffesionally - :-)

Gushed and gone forever from ebay are..........

SAGA BFL/Merino Aran

Mohair Loop

BFL Aran

Ariel Lace weight Silk Flamme

The 2 ebay shops seem so empty, but the new site shop looks fantastic, could spend hours looking at the pretty pictures - I am easily pleased - :-)

Off home now to see what the delightful Homer has cooked tonight, yesterdays salady type thing was guacamole which was 50% raw garlic - poor Heidi - I had to eat mints (and biscuits) all day.

And apparently I now have a kitchen ceiling, has only be missing for a couple of years, when it used to be my kitchen and not his.

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Cazzie said...

You are not the only one who could spend hours looking at the yarn on your new site - they are sooo pretty - sooo tempting :D