Wednesday, December 19, 2007

daisy's note to the public

here I sit writing next to a very efficent heidi. Last time I was here she was about to leave and three months down the road the natural dye studio sapped her in like quicksand. Maybe that metaphor wasn't so relevant as quicksand leads to death, to put your nerves at rest dear readers heidi is still alive and well.

To be back home is like a sweet and distant memory. The farm still as freezing as it has always been, the people still yokels and the air as fresh as cold water. Liverpools tangy air has wafted into my nostrils again and I feel the vibe of the night life crawling in my veins. To drink and dance is to be a student. To spend and laugh is to be drunk. It all leads to one thing in this whirling pool of events and parties that is called...growing up.

I may not be coping too well to begin with but I asure myself next semester will be better. Hopefully! I would like to say it is a pleasure to work and what better place than here, if only I could work here but in liverpool while finishing my course on how to creatively write things woulod be perfect.

This blog holds no exciting or informative infomation and that is on the pure fact that I just sat at the computer and wrote what was rolling in my head, I tried to tell a wee bit of a story but ended up just rambling arse.

To just finish this rant I will say - ta ra for now and don't matress dive down stairs without the matress, (it f* hurts).

yours faithfully miss daisy mae (full of bullocks) perkins

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