Sunday, December 16, 2007


Have had a very long lie-in,even though I was awake at 8 am suffling various animals from garden to house and back again, have lay in my bed until 10.30 reading my book - feel like a very bad layabout and am now exhausted - lie-ins aren't what they used to be.

Have been thinking about the blog, i was one of those children who wanted to write a diary and always had a new one every year, would get to the beginning of february and then forget for another year.
Blogs are different as you know other people are out there and sometimes read your ramblings, very good for an exhibitionist.
I have always meant to update every day, but doing shows and day to day business mean I forget constantly. Since I have been writing every day I have found it a lot easier to keep writing.
I don't have an exciting life but like writing waffle and its exciting to me. Next year am going to do some serious jet setting , but of course in a middle aged wool way. Off to Paris in march and a series of summer shows and then we were invited to the Dutch stitch and bitch in the autumn, as yet no date, but still exciting.
And who knows in 2009.
Homer seems to think we could do a world tour, think maybe he is living in cuckoo land.

Feppy on tuesday I think, the house will be full and noisy again, forgot how loud Dais is!!

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