Saturday, February 09, 2008

Open day's 2008

I was going to post about something else as well as the open days, but my already damaged brain has been full of cunning plans and has forgotten


We are planning an open weekend, here are the details, which amazingly enough have already appeared in several threads on ravelry!

"The Dye Studio is small and will only hold 30 - 40 people maximum, we would hate for you to all be squashed in like sardines, so have had to limit numbers per day.
The tickets are free, but I am afraid I can’t remove the postage charge from this listing, instead if you book you will get a £5 voucher to spend on the day in the studio shop.

Amanda will be doing dyeing demonstrations and talking about what she does best all day, we hopefully be able to get a spinner to come and spin. We would love you to bring your knitting, share projects and stories. And of course meet up with fellow ravelers. We will have free tea, coffee and biscuits, but would like you to make a donation to the Suffolk Widlife Trust as we sponsor a Hebridean sheep called Bracken.
We are difficult to get to without a car, but as there are only a few trains to Woodbridge each day, hopefully you should be able to do a taxi share. The drive through the forest is well worth the fare.
If you want to make a weekend of it and visit Sutton Hoo, Orford Castle, the forest and beach, we do have a list of B&B’s, hotels and campsites - please mail us for details."

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Maisy Mae said...

I should be there, want to come but I can't. I have a novel idea, why don't you make a card board cut out of me knitting.
been making some really sexy braclets with the wire you gave me - it's awesome that stuff. Shame I don't have any left