Friday, April 18, 2008

Quiet random thoughts

Its very quiet here at the moment, finished dyeing the trillion billion kilos of wool, would photograph the last few kilos drying outside, but is too cold.

H and I trying to put the stand together, and label (well H is) and do the on-line stuff and pack the big orders.
Don't think our parcel tape is very strong so have resorted to duck tape (is that its real name?). So now have taped everything in sight, one big box gone another to go on monday, a few days rest at the show then more huge boxes to send, must get more duck tape.

have a dying bee on the window sill, do we put it outside in case its hungry or as H says do we keep it inside so it can die in the warm?
Didn't realise bees were so fluffy, makes me want to cuddle it and love it and make it better.

H bought the NDS Barry, she found him in a charity shop, unloved and battery-less.

Poor Barry - did you know all sheep are called either Barry or Bob, well all the sheep at NDS are so called anyway - apart from Bracken, but as she is only a photo thats allowed. Had planned to go and see her at the lambing weekend, but will be in Wales at Wonderwool. Aparently last year she gave birth to twins midway through the day, but we were on holiday in the zoom, the shepardess offer me her fleece ( and the rest of the flocks fleece), but as she/they are hebridean I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Barry in situ over our stunning NDS kitchen area, notice the cunning placement of duck tape on the pipe next to the wool.

And the pigeon is still there!

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Spinayarn said...

Puts 'Know It All' hat on - I think its actually called DUCT tape.

Love the sheepy clock : )