Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Loki update

Loki at 9 weeks
He is such a sweetheart....
And as much as I would love to cuddle and play with him all day, I have to be his alpaha and teach him to be a well balanced member of the pack. So far so good, at just over 10 weeks he knows "no", his name, "sit" and "down". "Heel" is proving a little more difficult, as he thinks chewing my fingers for the tiny piece of ham is more fun than "heel". I am determined to get him walking to heel before his first walk in just over a week, as he is going to be a giant dog I can't let him pull on the lead. He loves training and has already learnt its training time after the ebay auctions have finished for the day. When I finish printing sales slips and turn the computer off he's at my feet smiling, try to herd me into the kitchen for his piece of training ham.
I feel a bit mean ignoring him when he meets me at the door, but he doesn't jump which is the main thing and is learning that when I am ready I will call him for a cuddle.
Loki and his toys,
He doesn't have real dog toys as Ted would get jealous and they don't last very long. The blue spade is an especially favorite.
Note the blue plant pot, there was a asparagus fern in it, but Loki turned it over and ate the plant. He is also obsessed about the pond, he has been in it 3 times, the last time he couldn't get out and had to be rescued, since then he has been very careful not to fall in.
If you look carefully at his tail half way up you can see he is growing a proper German Shepard tail. And his legs have grown about an inch since we have had him, Brian my vet thinks he is going to be enormous - more reason to train him to be well behaved.

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