Friday, January 26, 2007

Kool Aid Gripe

I keep seeing yarn dyed with Kool aid and hearing how great it is!!
I have been told by someone who dyes with it, that it is perfectly harmless and they compared it to natural dyes.....
This makes my blood boil!
Kool Aid is a synthetic drink powder which contains no fruit extract, wikipedia has more facts.
Its a sachet of coloured chemicals and NOT a natural dye!
If it dyes wool such bright permanent colours what does it do to your insides when you drink it???


part said...

I am very disappointed to read that kool-aid is not a good dye. I brought some to dye silk hair for a doll; just haven't gotten to it....okay I guess that is really doesn't make since. I don't drink kool aid and I don't feed it to the children because I read somewhere that the dyes used cause cancer. Of course, one poor rat was probably fed 100 pack concentrate everyday for a year...anything/one would develope cancer due to the excess. Okay then. I like your website...I love art!!!

BabyLongLegs said...

I completely agree with you there!
I remember once inhaling some in by mistake whilst doing some dyeing.....blimey how it made me sneeze and hurt my nose!
Anyone who drinks it needs a serious talking to :)
Sarah xXx

carina said...

Kool-Aid is so disgusting.
Ever heard of the "orange" powdered drink called "Tang"? My parents use it to clean hard water deposits out of their dish washer!!! EWW!!