Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nearly finished

We are so close, just waiting for the electrician to do some work and we will be in!!!!
Maybe as soon as next week, in the mean time, here are some of the almost finished photos

Showroom/Design studio - Phil putting up the design boards and what was our garden table, but is now mine.....

Showroom/Design studio - looking out through the front door.

Kitchen - looks a lot better, the big red blob on the floor was me using up the floor paint left on the brush, its so expensive I hate to waste it.

Office - looking through to the storeroom

Dye room - where all the rubbish seems to end up, we aquired a fridge freezer -why I don't know and now it needs a new home.

Phil & Francis have a tea break and look at our new grass!! Its even growing under the tree, but then so are the sting nettles.

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