Monday, October 09, 2006


Have been decorating for weeks and have got to the stage where the tiredness is no longer noticeable.
I took loads of photos of the nearly finished farm over the weekend, so what am I going to update my blog with??????
Yup - animals or to be precise my animals.

Bad Billy - the Maine Coon, asleep in the area of my house formally known as the dining room, but now as stock room or alternatively packing room.

A really bad photo of Ted and Loki at the bottom of the stairs - as you can tell by Ted's body language he has had enough of puppies and having his ears bitten.

Loki - this morning in the office which was once my lounge, note the umbrella swift behind his back, one of the few things he hasn't eaten!!

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carina said...

Wow, Loki has grown so much, he looks fantastic!