Friday, November 06, 2009

Never go back

Firstly the update is done

And secondly
I spent all last night trying to work out what to do with this.

I loved it when I designed it and I loved it at this stage and then I crocheted 120 centres which only needed one last round which would join it altogether.

I estimate I have joined about 60 and now I hate it, it was going to be a stole, but its all wrong, from a distance the overall colour is grey and although I like grey it doesn't glow. I tried a million different colour combinations, but all where wrong and really didn't help.

I am really struggling to leave it alone and admit defeat. I have a self imposed never go back rule, because I have found going back just makes things worse and spending all those wasted hours is so frustrating.

But this has about 150 gms of Angel 2 ply in it and I hate to waste that much yarn, I could frog it, but would be left with 480 tiny scraps of yarn, this would frustrate me even more.

So I have decided to pack it away and not look at it again, it will be a struggle as its such a waste, but I must force myself rather than waste another million hours that should be spent working on something I like.


Eleanor said...

Looks gorgeous! How about a wall hanging? Or a table runner (possible under see through plastic, lol)!

Or, or, under glass in a coffee table? Know what I mean?

Dye Studio said...

Guess could almost turn it into a triangular shawl...

Cazzie said...

Dont give up on it - it looks lovely - if you still hate it when finished you cuold auction it on Ravelry for a charity or something?

Anni said...

I like it. I've just re-learnt to crochet and I'm working on various squares as practice.

Motherherb said...

I think it is really beautiful, especially as I can't crochet!

I would have it just lying on the back of the sofa, to stroke, admire and snuggle into.

Be proud of it, and don't hide it away!

K x