Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Calm now

Am feeling calm now, after last night's OMG!!!!!!! revelation.

Homer came home from work 5 mins before I went out to knitting club, told me a OMG!!!!!!!! piece of information, that left me shaky and confused.
And no its not the big R but something totally unexpected which I can't talk about yet.
By the time I got home he had had time to think and no longer wanted us to sit underneath the dining room table sharing a bottle of gin, however I was still in shock.
And when I asked for more details he said he had told me all - why are men so useless sometimes?
Anyway we talked and he couldn't fill in the details because he doesn't know them yet, but at least I have a vague grasp on the situation and feel I have gained some calmness in my life.

Now I have brought it to work with me and hopefully today is the start of me being able to concentrate and focus.
Have so much design work to do, so much wholesale to dye, so much yarn to photograph for fridays update and the Unicorn, I really needed to get my head in gear and get on and now I can.

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