Wednesday, November 25, 2009

De-clutter 25% sale

As you know I'm not well and laying on my sofa throne I'm a bit bored, so am looking around me wondering what I can do next.
Bear with me, this does make sense in my head, even though I might be slightly delirious...

My house isn't an untidy house, there is just the 2 of us and both of us like tidy as we both lead really chaotic lives, its nice to have a bit of clutter free space at the end of the day.
So have decided to de-clutter the site a bit.

I am not dyeing at the moment, (its not that easy to do on the sofa) but am planning a mega update when I feel better.
So to help with the de-clutter I have decided to run a 25% sale.
Just add "shingles" into the discount code box at checkout and you will recieve 25% discount on everything on the site.

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