Monday, November 16, 2009

The difference a camera makes

I have 2 camera's, an old and a new one.
The old one is basically a point and click.
The new one Feppy bought for me with my money and told me it was fab, but never told me how to use it.
Then borrowed it and let the battery run out, so it has been sitting in the lounge for ages, because I was too lazy to do anything about it.
Well I have done something now, made the effort to read the manual and started re-photographing the wool again!!

These 2 photos illustrate why it pays to read manuals and stop being lazy.
Now I have to retake the photos I took last week and finish changing all the photos on the site!

Old Camera

New camera with correct colours


JCW said...

Wow! I'm used to monitors giving different versions, never thought about it being the camera - what a difference!

Nic said...

Careful. You'll begin to obsess over photos now ;) My photographer friend helped me make mine look better and now I can't settle for ok photos. This is obviously a good thing for the customer but bad for my time ;)
What a kind daughter you have!!