Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lost Mojo

Feel like I have been in a mojo-less bubble for so long that I am actually lying to myself and everyone else by claiming to be a designer.
Designer's design thinks that other people want to make, I can't even design something I want to make.
Have a huge pile of WIP's, which in my head equates to a huge pile of wasted yarn and its such beautiful yarn it seems like a sin and I hate seeing it all piled in bags accusing me of being decadent.
But I have a faint tingle of the "what if's?", maybe its the stirring of my long lost mojo, maybe it will come back.
Maybe being forced to be bored on my sofa as I'm too ill to do anything else will help it come back.
Maybe having shingles is just what my designer self needs.

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Pinneguri said...

The knitting-nurse says: It is very common. The mojo will be back, just give it time and don't force it if possible. And speaking for my self: It does help to take one of those f***ings WIP and knit a little every day and finish something. Sometime I actually they stand in the way for the next project. Even if you just frog it you'll have done something about it!
Lots and lots of good vibes :)