Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moan, moan, moan, moan..........

Resting is going to drive me out of my mind.
I am not ill enough to feel ill and not ill enough to stop feeling bored.
But too ill to do anything physical, like walking around and too ill to concentrate for more than 10 mins.
Feel wobbly and frustrated.

Have been laying on my sofa taking photos of things in front of me, would put them on laptop and play, but camera lead is at the farm and too pathetic to walk down and go and get it.
So instead of which am laying here moaning about how bored and frustrated I am.
But hey - at least the pain killers are keeping the pain at bay - so thats a good thing, and the sun is shining and Homer has gone for a long walk with tiny puppy and his big brother who he hasn't seen for 6 months as he has been in Costa Rica. So thats good.

Could play my PS3 game, but its only 11.40 and playing at this time of day seems wrong and lazy and more in character for the likes of Geinome and Moonpie than me

Have been looking at my old wool photos on Flickr and have lots of colour ideas for the last Unicorn.
Not sure what they will turn out like as its not superwash and so the colours won't be as defined.
And also not sure when I will have the energy to dye them.
Another but hey - at least I have dyed sock club!
And grateful that I'm not really ill and that I will get better in a few days or weeks - fingers crossed its only a few days or will need to be locked in a padded cell.

Moan, moan, moan, moan

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