Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wool photos - what do you think??

In the past several people have commented that the colours on the website are very acurate, but there is something missing and the colours seem different when they see them in real life or at a show.

Its the glow factor.
I have been so busy trying to get the colours right, I forgot about the glow.
My genius friend asked why didn't I photograph them outside - DUH - why didn't I think of that???
Afterall they are natural colours and should really be seen in natural light, no scanners, lights or flashes involved.
So here are some I worked on earlier - :-)
These will be in tomorrow's update - which incidently will be late tonight's update as tomorrow I will be zooming up the country to see Susan.

What do you think?


yvette said...

Gorgeous, I love the red/pin/green one, like spring rhubarb.

spinonehalf said...

Fab, really beautiful.

snowgoose-skipper said...

Scrummy, scrummy pics of lovely, lovely yarn!!!

snowgoose-skipper said...

PS... snowgooseskipper is Gina the Norfolkknitter really... :-)

Shepherd's Loft said...

you have achieved "GLOW"
Very Nice

AllyColl said...

loveing the return of more varigated iconic NDS colourways:-)