Thursday, October 22, 2009

Karma - maybe??

Even though I was only planning 1 blog post a day, I had to share this.
Maybe karma is real.

About an hour ago the post lady arrived, odd as I thought they were all on strike, however she brought me 2 parcels.
My new wellies, so I will stop sliding around in the dye room and there is now less chance I will fall over and break my neck.
And a Clara Parkes book from a US publisher.
I didn't order a book, so had no idea why I had been sent it.
BUT on page 114 there is a Cat Bordhi pattern using my Dazzle sock yarn!!!
Clara Parkes, Cat Bordhi & Dazzle sock all in the same place - WOW

Here is the link to it on US Amazon

UK Amazon says it hasn't been published yet, but I know different


Georgia said...

Congratulations! I just pulled my copy off the shelf and there was your beautiful yarn :)

Woolly Wormhead said...

That's fantastic Amanda - well done!

Nic said...

Well done! What lovely post to receive as well xx