Monday, October 19, 2009

Photos of happy things (almost)

These things or rather 2 of them make me happy, I have talked about them on Twitter, but never shared the photos and as I need to not dwell on my problems and be positive here they are

Number 1 (happy) - My Van
We used to have a family car, but as our family left home we didn't really need it. But Homer wanted to keep it, guess it made him feel like a proper boy instead of NDS minion.
Then one day in August the Volvo got very very ill and needed £1500 of emergency surgery.
Sooo I managed to persuade Homer it was pointless buying another car when NDS spent so much money on hiring vans every year.
We got it the morning of set up for I Knit and immediately drove to London, or rather I did, I hate driving in London, it makes me hysterical being hemed in all the time.
I like a nice open road where I can put my foot down and pretend I'm an F1 driver.
But when it came to the point of driver swap I couldn't find anywhere to pull in, so drove all the way to Westminster.
And loved it - I was "Very Powerful Van Woman", Homer was a gibbering wreck, getting hysterical about buses around Parliment Square.
I still have no concept of how big it is behind me, but love it and now only need to do a 2 point shuffle to get it in the drive.
I am "Seriously Powerful Van Woman" - have wool will travel
Number 2 (happy) - Feppy's 23rd Birthday Cake.
My biggest baby was 23 last week.
How did that happen? how did I get this old?
I really don't know, but I don't feel it, no idea how old I feel, in fact I don't think I feel an age, its only numbers and I don't understand them so will ignore all of it.
Feppy is now the age I was when I had her, shes not ready to have a baby, still hasn't worked out what she's doing in life except manically painting and torturing to her mad Russian boyfriend - who incidently deserves to be tortured, even though he can be a sweet heart and would hate me for saying so.
As she doesn't really want a baby, but is still mine, I made her a special cake, which needs no commentary.
Number 3 (not sure) - Elizabeth
Homer made me a wonderful knitted cabled cowl, and as cowls are something I have wanted to design thought I would make one too.
His is sophisticated and elegant, mine is a ruff, I look like a very lumpy flower fairy in wellies.

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NDS Homer said...

Where is my cowl? Haven't got photography thingy to take picture so rely upon queenie to promote me :-)