Sunday, October 25, 2009


All my mojo has gone, designing, dyeing and everything else.
I am sure it is due to our ongoing trauma's and am sure it will come back, but don't have time to wait for it. We are going to see Susan next weekend, am really hoping the visit will help and I will come away with rejuvenated mojo.

All I really want to do is lay on my sofa and run around the ruins of post apocalyptic Washington DC with a flamer thrower and mini gun shooting super mutants and enclave soldiers.
Not that I am obsessed or anything - :-)

I share this with my baby boy - Geinome, who is a games nerd.
Its our fault, we turned him into a games nerd.
Back in 1992 we bought a Mega Drive, our friends had one and Homer used to spend late nights playing Sonic with Tim. We couldn't afford it and made up some lie for my parents as to how we paid for it, probably by credit card, but couldn't admit that or we would have been shouted at.
Geinome was 2 and this was the turning point of his life, once he was old enough to start playing he stopped doing everything else and this is all he has done since.
Not that he did much before hand, except destroy things, he was never interested in sports much to the disappointment of Homer.
School was a struggle, so was his foundation course of IT practitioner, but hes where he should be now.
He's 19 and at Bolton University studying computer games design and lives games day and night. The rest of the world still passes him by, but we share a very special bond, often based on which game we are both playing.
And one day he will make a living designing games and be very very rich and able to do nothing else.
I am hoping he will design me a game, he knows what I like to play, but there are quite a few years to wait, just hope it isn't as long as it has taken Final Fantasy 13 to be developed.

In the meantime I will struggle with my mojo and force myself not to turn the PS3 on

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Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

In my experience "Mojo" will not return whilst you are actively looking for it... it is a bit like dreams and shadows that you can only see from the corner of the eye.

Whilst it is playing this game of tag with you, think about something else totally different - and you will be surprised !!

hugs Shani