Friday, October 23, 2009

And being open

Just when there is real signs that our economy is recovering, along comes the Royal Mail post workers strike.

I would like to say....

Dear Postal Strike Strikers

I understand you have very good reasons for striking, but have just limped my way through the recession and now your strike will cripple me and all my competitors. Please find another way to resolve this or our customers will be yarnless and very very unhappy.

Many Thanks

I feel this needs saying and know most (probably all) of my competitors feel the same.

P.S - If you are on Ravelry, you may notice I have already said this in one of my groups


easyknitter said...

Too right!

Royal mail are killing online businesses, and we're already limping our way through this year...

...and when listening to a striker saying

" I may not be able to pay my mortgage this month because I've taken part in 18 days of industrial action this year"

I wanted to smack him on the nose like a bad puppy and say

"no... NO... you don't get to tell us your woes and try and gain sympathy"

The Royal Mail needs modernising... and like most industries (though unfortunate) these modernisation's will cause SOME job losses.... TUFF TITTY MATE... I got made part time in my day job because of the 'Credit Crunch' .. at least if they went in to work tomorrow they'd still have a job!


Nic said...

I agree. They aren't going to win this one either because Peter Mandleson is hardly going to loose another arguement with the unions so they are shooting themselves in the foot.
To be honest any sympathy I had for them disappeared when they started striking.