Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don't know what to write

I have decided I need to make more effort to write my blog, I read several others and love to know what people are up to.
Twitter is the problem, its so easy to write 1 sentance rather than paragraphs and can be done in between other things, rather than sitting down and having to write sense.

But I know how nosy I am and feel really guilty about not sharing, trouble is its saturday morning, I'm at work dyeing madder and don't have any idea what to write.

I could recap with everything I have been doing since July, but do you really want that??

Maybe instead of planning my posts I should just write the jumbled rubbish in my head, in fact treat it as another place I can talk to myself just like twitter.
If you answer thats fine, if not I will still carry on chuntering to myself - don't you think chunter is just the best word in the world??

Its beginning to get cold here, still have the office door open all day, but am beginning to need to wear a cardi or maybe shut the door. When the kids came home last weekend they were complaining how cold it was up north, guess I have never lived up north so have no idea what cold really means - am a soft southerner.

And a tired one and need to stir madder and make tea and finish over the top half finished cowl that I am wearing. Not even sure I like it myself, but it is warm, quick to make and only takes 1 skein.

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