Saturday, October 24, 2009


No - I'm not going bankrupt but it caught your attention - :-)
I want your attention because I have important things to say or at least they are important to me.
And this post is relelvant.

When the recession hit this time last year I thought I would being going to go bankrupt and that NDS would no longer exist. I couldn't imagine that I would be able to fight the recession and win, especailly as so many huge companies were falling.
I also believed all my competitors would disappear with me, how could any of us hope to survive.

But yet here we still are a year later, I know we are all struggling and all still fighting and that makes me very proud to be a Indie Dyer.
My competitors are my social life and my friends, I don't know all of them, but I know all quite a lot.

Yesterday I stupidly got into a fight on Ravelry, someone offered advice about natural dyeing that was totally wrong, I couldn't help myself.
The number of disagrees kept goin up and up and then Debbie stepped in, she said wonderful things and a little bit later Helen joined in and said the same.
Thanks girls :-) you made me realise what an amazing support group we all are for each other.

I know we don't admit our struggles to each other as we have to keep up brave faces, but underneath we are fighting for our businesses lifes every day.
I do share everything with my bestest friend Jen without her I don't know what I would do - Thanks Jen

But I also want to say thanks to Sarah and Joy for some fantastic drunken evenings when we laughed and moaned and then drank again.

And to Jon for being such a sweetie and sharing the rain or rather sharing poor wet Roy.

Ant to Eirwen for just being Eirwen

And also thanks for taking the time to stop and chat to Dee, Nat, Gemma Debbie
I know you are all out there fighting too.

To everyone I have mentioned and everyone I have not mentioned, we will survive this recession and post strike and will still be dyeing pretty wool at the end of it.

Right enough soppy stuff, I am off to dye wool that will knock your socks off and I will achieve wool world domination and you will crown me queen at the end of it - ROTFL


2ply said...


BabyLongLegs said...

If I was a workmate, I'd be the one photographing my ass on the photocopier just to cheer you up :D

One day at a time....and many hugs :)

S xXx

Nic said...

Horrah for indie dyers :D

Janet said...

What a lovely post!

easyknitter said...

HAHA.... we will triumph over the evil postal workers and come out the other end in beautifully knitting garments :-)

I'm with Ms LongLegs on the ass copying... but one at a time... mine alone is enough to break the glass ;-)

Many Hugz

Dye Studio said...

Re - photocopying arses
You need to be wearing a santa hat and fishnets to have a turn.
And if not need to drink more gin, which in turn will lead you down the santa hat route - :-)

Helen said...

Sorry to come so late to the party ....but the pleasure was all mine. Your dyeing is awesome!