Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Almost full of it, or rather I have a lot more than I have over the past few days.

Yesterday wasn't a good day, childen trauma and the big R looks ever closer, its possible Homer will be full time NDS this time next week. Gives me a slight rising feeling of hysteria, but as long as we have each other blah blah blah

More wholesale, today it makes me feel excited, last week it sent me into a huge panic. Odd how the thought of new orders has a different effect depending what I am going through at the time.

Life hasn't changed, got slightly worse in fact, but I'm copeing or supressing a lot better.

Off to the dye room tra la la la la la la


feppy said...

next week?
what is going ma moo?

Dye Studio said...

The meeting to decided the company's fate is on monday.

feppy said...

run for the hills!