Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Misery & Bridget

Today has started as the worse day ever, but it could get worse.

I can't let myself give in to misery, otherwise I would curl up in a ball and sleep like the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland.
I can't cope with sympathy because that would make me feel sorry for myself and I have important Dye Studio business to do.

So today I will try and think of things that make me happy.
My car makes me happy.

And I found this on Wikipedia, so maybe its not true.

"The design credo Mazda has used across the three generations of the MX5's development was the phrase Jinba ittai (人馬一体)

Jinba ittai (人馬一体?, rider (jin) and horse (ba) as one (ittai)).
This comes the Japanese concept where the rider and horse must be as one in order for the rider to effectively deploy his weapons in battle.
This is the inspiration for the Mazda MX5

I don't care if its not true as I love the concept, being an avid history and mythology buff little things like this make my world a better place.
And its how I think of my car, it fits around me like a glove and together we can tackle the world or at least escape from it.

I also found this
Photos of this
and website of this

This is exactly what I want to do with the Zoom one day, I can just see me and Homer zooming through Afghanistan (a place I would love to go to, but maybe not in this life).

Incidently the photo of the Zoom was taken in Switzerland 2 years ago when we had our last holiday, where we took it over the Alps like Michael Caine in the "Italian Job". So maybe we have already done the Swiss leg of the world tour.

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Nic said...

Nice car ;)