Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cat food pie

I woke up this morning after dreaming all Homer fed me was cat food pie.

Now cat food pie isn't what you are thinking, its the cheapest of cheap meat pies that you can buy.
Back in the days when my babies were small we ate a lot of cat food pie as we couldn't really afford to eat and it was very very cheap.
The babies called it cat food pie, but amazingly ate it, which is more than I did.
I also fed them ultra cheap nasty burgers as a Saturday treat, just before the BSE crisis and so far fingers crossed they have all survived.
I fed them food I wouldn't eat now, not because I wanted to but because I had to, apart from the cat food pie and BSE burgers we lived on lentil roast and bean casserole (that was particularly nasty), I could make a tin of tuna last 2 days and managed to cook mince dishes with about 10 gms of mince, lots of veggies and an oxo cube.
Because of this I hate cooking.

And sorry babies for making you eat this stuff, but know you understand especially Dais and Mark, don't think you have gone through the cat food pie route yet, but that's only because Mark is a vegetarian.

Homer does all the cooking now, because he loves it, he came home on Tuesday after our hell day, I felt too shaky too eat and suggested baked potato's, but he insisted on cooking, he said cooking was a comfort to him.
When he cooks he has to have the proper ingredients, rather than make do and will happily spend a whole day cooking.
This year for my birthday he made Thai that was better than a real Thai.
And for his birthday he and Jen spent the wholeday cooking Indian, all I managed to do was buy a cake and decorate it with sugar pigs.
My idea of cooking - :-)

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