Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stamina & clubs

I know I should be doing sofa resting, but was getting to the stage I couldn't sleep as I hadn't done anything all day I hadn't made myself tired.
So decided to dye the club yarn yesterday, shouldn't take long, 4 dyebaths which is ok as long as they are ready to go.

But had forgotten I hadn't tied the wool and hadn't mordanted it, so that adds another hour.
First dyebath (cochinel) was ready to go using already used dye, I hate to throw it away if there is still colour left and this looked like there was lots of colour left, but there wasn't. So needed to re-vamp it - another hour while I waited it to boil and then cool down and be ready to dye with.
During this hour I dyed some indigo, well its almost instant once it heats up as I never empty my indigo vat, so dyed 2 kgs which is a very small batch for me, then of course I had to wash it twice and hang it out.
Incidently got the worlds most amazing blue on yarn destined for mini skeins - :-)
Decided to have a cup of tea while I waited for the cochineal and while relaxing it suddenly hit me, I was totally drained, I'd only done about 2 hours work!
I have lost my stamina and even though I am better I haven't recovered yet, need to build back up to 15 kg dyeing days.

So the clubs aren't going to be posted before christmas, I am really dissapointed, but guess they will be a nice after christmas suprise for all the club members and even if I did manage them before they might get lost in the christmas post so maybe its a good thing.

So am back to the sofa today, feeling guilty because I should be at work, but have christmas cards to do today and so will feel smug and satisfied that I have actually done something we normally forget to do until christmas eve - :-)

oh and p.s - I still didn't sleep.

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Glynis said...

The blue sounds lovely!
BUT no matter how keen we are to get our hands on your yarn, please please do take it easy. We can wait and you need to take your time to recover and rebuild your stamina.