Monday, December 14, 2009

Day ? - whatever, have forgotten what number

Guess it doesn't matter, was a stupid idea to write a sofa diary, how interesting can sitting on a sofa be?
Feel better now, can I go back to work?????

To the Doctorr's at 9.20 for blood tests, Homer wanted to know "what for?", have no idea I didn't ask - :-)
It was traffic jam nightmare out there, almost as bad as driving in London, the Doctor's is in the next village 2 miles away across the marshes.
First I got stuck behind a tractor, then a turf lorry, then when I got to the Doctor's men were digging up the road and I had to drive on the path, not good when your car is only about 6 inches off the road, kept expecting to hear crunching noises and then stuck behind the bin lorry on the way home.

But I love the drive home from the Doctor's because you are driving alongside the sea, or rather you are driving towards it.
This morning is greyish and muddy, but the sea is shining like a long silver ribbon, much brighter than the sky.
I love living here, I sometimes wish for mountains, but know this is where I really belong
If you look on a map I live in the big empty bit just north of Felixstowe on the other side of the river Deben, its empty because the land was so bad for farming.
No little pink thatched cottages, no big farm house's, no big rich villages, no tourist attractions, no holiday camps.
Instead we have nothing except sea and sky and miles and miles of forest and miles and miles of saltwater marsh.
4 villages, 2 shops, 2 pubs, 2 schools in about 100 square miles.
In the summer its always hot, in the winter its bleak and wild
And its my home.
And today the Zoom and I were honoured to be stuck behind the bin lorry, because it meant we could look at the silver sea and get all lyrical.

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Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

That does sound magical - the sea not the traffic jam... good luck with the blood test..

hugs Shani