Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I don't go to many parties, in fact I can say I have only been to one party this year and that was last new year (maybe should include a mini party to celebrate thhe end of the F1 season).
We don't go to parties because most of the time we are both working and don't really have a social life, thats ok as we are home bunnies and happy and content with each other's company.
The shows are our social life, almost all our friends are in the wool world, so I really look forward to show season.

But looking at other peoples photos on facebook sometimes makes me feel a bit sad, there are lots of party photos, smiling drunk people having fun.
Christmas parties are the worst as everyone has office parties and working on my own means I miss out, so I suggested to Cheryl that NDS knitting group have a Christmas party or rather we all go out for a meal.
And she being the superstar that she is organised the whole thing, so here are the photos and...

THANKS CHERYL - YOU REALLY ARE A SUPERSTAR. I had a lovely time, even though I look like my mother in the photos and I only had 1 glass of wine and didn't disgrace myself - :-)

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