Saturday, December 12, 2009


Day 2

Busy, busy, busy
I sorted my stash and pile of pattern books and magazines that were strewn across the lounge.
Was amazed to discover I have just of a kg of Angel 2 ply, I know its my favourite, but I didn't realise I had stolen that much. Looks like lots of pretty lacey things are now on the design list.

But also came to the realisation that sitting on my sofa makes me hungry.
This is really bad, as I am going to get fat!
Those of you who know me may think "what is she talking about??? she already is fat!!"
But as I have come to terms with my body I am quite content with my fatness.
I didn't used to be, spent all my teenage struggling with weight and then came about 20 odd years of constant binge dieting. You might know the kind of think I mean, starvation and weight loss followed by gorging and massive weight gain, this went on for years.

The reason I stopped was because I had become so obsessive I was getting depressed, I threw my bathroom scales away and forced to accept that as long as I didn't diet again and accept who I was I might be able to control my eating.
That was about 5 or 6 years ago, I have stayed the same size and learned to love myself, buy nice clothes and not wear tents and hopefully not look awful and unhappy.

In that time my appetite lessened and I started dyeing, dyeing is my exercise, its very physical. I lug around kgs of wet wool, so have big arms, muscles covered with a nice layer of warming fat, so that equals weight lifting.
My dyeroom has a gully and there are quite a few steps from the packing room to the office and then from the office to the dyeroom, which all equals step aerobics, who needs exercise classes??

But now I'm laying on my sofa and being hungry because I'm bored and not exerciseing I am worried I am going to get fatter - :-(((
The good news is I have several big wholesale orders lined up for the new year, so it should only be a temporary fat.


feppy said...

stop thinking woman

Glynis said...

I really hope that the sofa-rest is doing its job. It's no fun being ill and out of the loop!
I'm pleased to hear that you are able to feel excited by yarn and projects again too.
Get well soon!

Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

Fatness is good, as long as you have enjoyed and savoured the eating !!