Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Weld today, I managed to soak and boil it to perfection, when the weld came out of the dye bath it was a sludgy yukky pulp, even Fred who had just got out of bed was impressed or should I say unimpressed - lol
Still no sign of my spin drier, Homer promised to collect it today, but phoned me up at lunch time to moan about how busy he was, so I guess it won't be today.
Got my second new dye vat, its even bigger than the first, I will use it for mordanting - can't wait, think it will probably hold 3 - 4 kilos, which is certainly better than the 1 kilo I have been used to.
Have been watching football, because I am forced to and crocheting bucket bags, I have been using merino loop (must give it a better name) and plain wool, they have come out a bit odd, but look great together, will post the photo tomorrow when they are dry.

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Astrid said...

Thanks for your comment. The colour's of your yarn are really fantastic! I like them.

Warm wishes